Cleaning and Caring for your items

Introduction to Resin

Resin is a material that is technically classified as a plastic. It is created by the mixing of two parts, resin and harder. Because it is a plastic, it is both hard or soft and slightly porous. 

Resin is strong and durable, yet should be treated as a ceramic as it can break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. 

When one of my pieces is purchased, I always recommend that it is treated as you would a highly polished stone in a fine piece of jewellery. Even the finest treatment can still, may have imperfections in a piece of resin jewellery. Here is a list of things to watch out for:

Care, Cleaning, and Storage

All kinds of jewellery need some kind of upkeep, but resin jewellery needs its own special care. In comparison to metals strengthened for use in jewellery, resin is a relatively soft substance easy to scratch and sensitive to chemicals. 

Now, these aren’t rules so much as tips and do them as often, as you can recommendations. I’m definitely not perfect and forget to take care of my jewellery properly, but, if we could all follow these rules all the time our jewellery would last a long time (especially if the jewellery is high quality in the first place).

To make your resin jewellery long-lasting and to keep it in top condition for as long as possible, I have some tips and tricks for you.

To restore sheen to your jewellery, simply apply moisturiser. To keep your polished resin jewellery in great condition, simply wipe with a clean, dry cloth. To prolong the original colours, keep away from sunlight.

Things to avoid

Please always remove your jewellery when:

• Applying lotion, perfume, hairspray or other beauty products
• Showering or Swimming due to soaps and chemicals
• Washing hands or Using alcohol wipes (if wearing a ring)
• While cleaning due to contact with Chemicals, Cleaning wipes included
• Sunbaking and Gardening
• Prolonged exposure to fluorescent light
• While cooking as the heat from the stove can damage your stone
• Preparing food, remember we use vinegar in the studio to clean resin spills

Avoiding these things helps prevent and slow down metal tarnish, which happens to all metals over time. So, water doesn't have a negative effect on resin, but it does encourage tarnish on metal.

But, beyond regular care there are some special requirements and emphasis on different things 

Storing in a dark place is IMPORTANT for resin jewellery!.


Overall, the treatment of your jewellery from the start of its creation to the presentation and wearing it every day, should be filled with respect, joy, and love. I do everything in my power to exemplify these things in the setting of each and every piece, which is why I use the highest-grade materials for both the casting of the jewellery and creation of the setting. While the utmost care is taken on my end to avoid discoloration, scratching, and tarnishing, once the jewellery is in the hands of my clients it is up to them to see to its care. Please feel free to wear your jewellery every moment of every day and follow these tips and tricks to keep your jewellery looking new and bright throughout all of life’s wonders.